Viva Italia! New menus

We’ve been around the world with our menus but it’s time to come home to our favourite place, Italy! We’re also keen to get back to the source of cooking and we are moving towards slow food – think delicious slowly braised beef cheek in red wine with carrot and turnip mash or twice baked pork belly with fennel, shallots and apple compote.

Breakfast is available until 11.30am weekdays and 2.30pm on Saturdays for those of you who are late risers. New additions include spicy shredded wagyu beef with poached eggs on crusty ciabatta and home made baked beans with ham hock and poached eggs. If you like your breakfast on the sweet side, French toast with caramelised banana and cinnamon mascarpone is for you.

The lunch menu at Spring Hill is filled with dishes that you won’t be able to resist. How about grilled sardine fillets w squid ink spaghetti, chilli + fresh herbs or grilled Atlantic salmon on potato rosti w herb + coddled egg dressing. Other meals to try include house made crab and courgette ravioli with champagne foam and chervil and wild porcini mushroom risotto with porcini cream using snap frozen mushrooms from Italy – delish. Hope this list has made your mouth water! Come in and try it all soon.

Pictured – Top: Twice baked pork belly w fennel, shallot + apple compote; Middle: Slow cooked beef cheek in red wine w carrot + turnip mash; Bottom: Clams + black mussels w orange, chilli + saffron broth.

Eating out in Melbourne

One of the best things about visiting Sydney and Melbourne is the chance to try out a whole new bunch of restaurants every time. Here’s the news from our recent Melbourne trip:

Best breakfast:
The European, 161 Spring Street, CBD. It’s classy, classic, always good with an Italian feel and the coffee is great. Despite the fact that it’s always crowded the service is great. Best dish - smoked trout frittata with avocado salsa.

Best new place:
Cumulus Inc, 45 Flinders Lane, CBD [opened 2 months ago] Has an open kitchen with a huge bar and offers share plates. There’s a huge selection of oysters. We ate lunch at 4pm and the staff were very accommodating. It’s open from 7am - 11pm, Monday to Friday. We finished off our meal with freshly baked madeleines that were filled with lemon curd that were still warm - was so yummy! Best dish: braised wagyu, artichokes, green olive and nettle or baked gnocchi with taleggio and truffle vinaigrette.

Best asian:
Gingerboy, Crossley Lane, CBD. Best dish: deep fried whole snapper.

Photos – Top: Cumulus Inc; Middle: Baked gnocchi with taleggio and truffle vinaigrette; Right: Freshly baked madelines oozing lemon curd.