#10 Days of Tognini's Christmas - Christmas Puddings

Christmas Pudding

The puddings are ready and just waiting for a home! 

At the Tognini's family christmas nothing is more highly anticipated then the Christmas pudding. Seriously. You know it is pudding time when you can smell the fruits cooking away in the pot, next  we pour warm Grand Mariner and set the pudd alight. Keep the kiddies away from the potential fire hazard and have the sober adult in charge of the pudding!

Each pudding is handmade with love by Narelle who spends hours prepping everything for your Christmas pudding. The pudding is truly delicious and will be a huge hit at any Christmas event. 

Best served with Tognini's vanilla bean anglaise and a generous scoop of ice cream. Yum. 

We can not wait for Christmas.. only 11 more sleeps!

#10 Days of Tognini's Christmas - Christmas Cake

Christmas Cake & Fruit Mince Pies

These little treasures are simply irresistable.

The fruit mince that is used the fruit mince pies, the fruit cakes and our puddings has carefully been prepared and been marinating for five months.

Our delicious Christmas cakes, are a family recipe past down through the generations, made every year with love and care.

 Let’s say it’s as good or better than any you could make at home yourself. If you have the time to do it yourself at home and are up for the challenge, the fruit mince is available in cryovaced packages at Milton Cafe Deli and Springhill Trattoria for you to take home and prepare yourself.

#10 Days of Tognini's Christmas - Nougat


Who doesn't love nougat? It comes down to individual preference on whether you like it soft and chewy or hard and crunchy.

There is debate on where exactly Nougat started in Southern Europe, between the French, Spanish and Italians. In Italy, nougat is commonly consumed around Christmas time in Sicily known as Torrone.

Oliviero Ospedaletto is our favourite product line coming through this year with nougat being their specialty product.

Throughout this range we are carrying both original and chocolate soft nougat, hard nougat and individually wrapped bite size pieces, which would be perfect for hangning off the Christmas treee or hiding throughout your home on Christmas day!

#10 Days of Tognini's Christmas - Home-wares

If you are yet to check out the extensive range of home-wares at our Spring Hill Trattoria - you are missing out! From soy three wick candles to wooden kitchenware, gorgeous ceramic plates and glasses.

We love these cute wooden herb garden naming picks, perfect for a Christmas gift (or even just for your own garden patch)!

We can help you select what ever you need and can include the home-ware in a gift hamper with a selection of delicious treats. 

# 10 Days of Tognini's Christmas - Panforte


Made with love in Italy this is the bianco panforte or 'white panforte'. The so - called Margherita variety is named after Queen Margherita, wife of King Umbero I, who during a visit to Siena to see the Palio was deighted by the panfote bianco.

Panforte is a spicy Italian fruitcake - chewy, nutty and delicious.
This year we only have the Masoni brand of panforte imported from Siena, Italy. Made using only the highest quality ingredients including the fabulous Tuscan millefiori honey, their Panforte is noticeably moister and contains more nuts and candied fruit than many others.

Experience something special this year and try this beautiful Panforte Margerita.

#10 Days of Tognini's Christmas - Blue Stilton Pots

Blue Stilton Pots

The Blue Stilton is the quintessential English cheese, being one of the world's best known and much loved cheeses. 

This unique cheese has been made in the Vale of Belvoir, Leicestershire for over 100 years. There are just six dairies in the world licensed to make Blue Stilton cheese. 
Serve this classic blue with savoury crackers and a glass of wine this Christmas. 

Sweet wines go especially well with Stilton, Port being the drink of choice. If you are game try mixing some Port in the gorgeous ceramic Stilton cheese pot and enjoy! 

Speaking of cheese - Christmas time would not be complete without a Tognini's cheese box. This year we will have a choice of two boxes – it is Australia vs England – it's the 'ashes of the cheese!' Both are excellent value at $95 if the choice is too hard, just buy both!

#10 Days of Tognini's Christmas - Olives


Olives. We love olives, any colour, shape, stuffing, size and seasoning.

Olives are not just beautiful and tasty but are very versatile. 
Enjoy some green lemon scillian olives as part of an antipasto platter with some salami or prosciutto. Even throw a combination through your Christmas salad to dress it up and add colour. 
 Warm up a handful in pan with a little rosemary for a perfect starter.  

Any way and style these are delicious and will hit the spot this Christmas!
We have a selection at both Spring Hill and Milton Cafe Deli.  Our Milton Cafe Deli has an extensive range of deli goods and imported products. 

#10 Days of Tognini's Christmas - Panettone


This gorgeous, sweet and delicate Italian cake is a must have on every Christmas table, perfect with a glass of champagne. 

The smell is intoxicating, as soon as the box is opened your senses transport you to a snow capped mountain in northern Italy. Or maybe that is just Mark & Narelle!

We have a range of classic Panettone at our Spring Hill Trattoria, Milton Cafe Deli and Fortitude Valley Espresso. Pop in store to check out our selection of brands and styles. Narelle's pick this year is a traditional Milanese panettone by G.Cova & Co. hand wrapped in colourful recycled paper, finished with a twine bow. 

#10 Days of Tognini's Christmas - Gift Boxes & Hampers

Gift Boxes and Hampers

Gift Boxes and Hampers are the perfect present for any occasion - for the 'foodie' in your family, the difficult in-laws that you never know what to buy, and even your best friend who has everything!

Create the perfect hamper for your gourmand or loved one. Beautifully packaged in our natural timber trays and boxes each priced to suit your budget. You can select from our extensive range of products  or have us do the work for you. 

With Christmas fast approaching we have an assortment of Italian panettone, panforte, nougat and other specialty local and imported goods in store.

Here are some suggestions to help you get started!

Joseph's olive oil, Maggie Beer & Christine Mansfield ranges
Phillippa's range of homemade cookies & nuts
A Wolf in the Kitchen, Jams & Chutneys from Alla Wolf-Tasker
Maple Muesli from Hope Island

Italian shelf products including balsamic from Modena and Tuscan olive oils
Giuseppe range of pasta and sauces, Moretti polentas
Whisk & Pin's range of organic butters and sweet jams
The Pariya range of Persian delights
Quality Australian chocolates from Byron Bay Chocolate Co.

#10 Days of Tognini's Christmas - Chutney & Relish

Delicious Chutney & Relish for your Christmas table.

Tognini's selection of condiments have you, your table and of course your Christmas ham covered. Pop in store and ask any of our friendly staff and we can help you select the perfect match. 
These are our top picks:
1. Tognini's own range of chutney and relish. These little treasures are handmade in New Zealand and are available in original flavours only at Togninis. Try our Christmas Chutney or Cranberry Port Sauce.

2. A Wolf in the Kitchen is an exciting  chutney, marmalade and jam range.  Try their Apple & Elderberry Jelly with Tognini's free range pork belly stuffed with apple, prune, pistachio and thyme to add some zing.

3. The Regimental Condiment Company is an award winning producer utilising unique family recipes.  The Fighting Furys' Tomato Relish will be fantastic on your Christmas antipasto board.

4.  Ogilvie & Co is a Perth based family owned company established in 1987. With 20 plus years experience Ogilvie & Co have mastered the art of creating traditional handmade chutneys & preserves.