Festive Poultry, Lamb & Pork.

How do you and your loved ones celebrate Christmas? Is it a delicious lunch of fresh sliced Christmas ham and crisp salad or  a whole roast turkey and piping hot veggies for dinner?  

However you choose to celebrate the Togninis team  is here to help.  Here is a little info on our favourite festive poultry, lamb and pork items.

This year most of the whole poultry comes from Bendele farm, Darling Downs – the turkeys and ducks are free range. Also this year, we have available whole baby lamb and whole suckling pigs if you are catering for a large family. Still the most popular item on the menu is our stuffed turkey breast. The breast is stuffed with dried cranberry, apricots and almonds with mixed herbs, a must for any Christmas meal.

The pork for our Berkshire ham also known as 'Kurobuta' - meaning black pig in Japanese comes from a farm of happy free range black pigs grazing in the Byron bay area. The purebred Berkshire breed is originally from England. The pig is renowned for its black coat and the meat from the Berkshire pig is richly endowed with intramuscular fat, making it less 'fatty' than most other pork – the pork has a much higher retention of flavor and moisture in the meat. This translates to a deliciously tasty and moist smoked ham for your Christmas table. Each ham is individually handled, cured and smoked with carefully selected wood chips. This is a quality product that won't be found on any supermarket shelves. The meat is FREE from growth hormone and genetically modified feed. So, you know that you are eating well. Our entire Christmas goodies order form is available online.