there are few moments outside of an authentic home that you can enjoy fabulous mexican, and then you get to melbourne. tucked away up a narrow stairway in the middle of the city is a funky little restaurant called ‘mamasita’. it is one restaurant not to be missed. with cute wait staff and a fresh fit out, it places itself in my melbourne top 5.  that was before any food arrived. after looking at the menu i knew we were in for a real treat. grateful i was there with a fellow food lover, who is never shy of over ordering and by over ordering i should just say over indulging. so we started with the ‘tostaditas de cangrejo’, 4 per serve of a gorgeously fresh 2.5 inch fried tortilla. out of control good, fresh tender crab meat served with avocado, cucumber, tamarind mayo and habanero. pumping with flavour, could have gone for round two of those. but we had a lot to come. something that i never would have ordered without Jem was the ceviche, for those non foodies out there, raw fish marinated in citrus juice. it was served in a tall shot glass, we chose the ‘ceviche de yucatan’ which was the market fish of the day (king fish) with green tomato, chilli, mint, lime and coconut milk. the most memorable dish by far was however desert, an incredible pumpkin mousse filled bluecorn flautas with slithers of praline. if this hasn’t made you want to jump on a little jet plane and make your way to melbourne, i don’t know where else to go to find mexican food like this.

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