#10 Days of Tognini's Christmas - Christmas Puddings

Christmas Pudding

The puddings are ready and just waiting for a home! 

At the Tognini's family christmas nothing is more highly anticipated then the Christmas pudding. Seriously. You know it is pudding time when you can smell the fruits cooking away in the pot, next  we pour warm Grand Mariner and set the pudd alight. Keep the kiddies away from the potential fire hazard and have the sober adult in charge of the pudding!

Each pudding is handmade with love by Narelle who spends hours prepping everything for your Christmas pudding. The pudding is truly delicious and will be a huge hit at any Christmas event. 

Best served with Tognini's vanilla bean anglaise and a generous scoop of ice cream. Yum. 

We can not wait for Christmas.. only 11 more sleeps!

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