Be Our Valentine!

A Cupcake Story

Cupcakes have been on the rise of popularity for the past few years, inspired by scenes from Sex in the City of Magnolia’s bakery in New York. Magnolia’s original cupcake recipe was a perfect vanilla cake with vanilla butter cream icing tinted pink, nicknamed the ‘Barbie cake’. Now, although we are not in New York, the obsession spread fast.

6 years ago a friend of a friend popped into our store at Milton and said “Mark, I have this friend of ours who makes the best cupcakes around”. Naturally, being the sweet tooth that he is Mark said... “Great, tell her to bring some down for me to try”, and this is where it all began. The following day, arrived a gorgeous woman who goes by the name Aleta, mother of two with an incredible talent in the kitchen. Her love and passion for baking keeps her busy, and by busy I mean while being a mother of two, she is awake throughout the night preparing her cupcakes for morning deliveries. Aleta’s cupcakes are a baby vanilla cupcake with a light butter cream icing in various pastel shades. 

 In the words of Narelle, these little masterpieces are perfect for every occasion, well loved by all from our little pink tutu ballerina’s at Milton to football stars with their coffee in the afternoon, birthday parties and special occasions or afternoon treats.

This Valentine’s Day Aleta will be busy preparing some extra special Valentine’s Day cupcakes. These dreamy bite size treats are made especially for Valentine’s Day with Belgium chocolate and a rich chocolate icing with a red heart on top. They will be for sale individually or in boxes of 4 or 9. Place your order by February 12th; you will not want to miss out.

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